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For five years, our company has a proven record of making traditional hakama made from special woven fabrics and generally accepted patterns and selling from our website aikidostyle.com.


We have been using two different weight hakama fabrics for our hakama range, besides this, we can also supply hakama made from denim.


Our lightweight, crease resistant, non iron hakama is available in black or navy. Machine washable and easy care.


The heavyweight hakama are 100% cotton or if you prefer, we can make up your hakama  your choice of our other fabrics. Special stitching can be requested in order to make straight permanent pleats in the sides of your hakama.


We can embroider your hakama if required. We have many variations on our hakama on the website for you to choose.  Higher waists, longer belts and  various koshita heights plus different kinds of stitching.


You can order either standard hakama or tell us your special requirements.

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